Many schools have supplements that ask you “Why ((School))?” The biggest mistake students can make here is to be basic. If an admissions rep can read your essay and stick in any other college in the country and still have it make sense, well, you done messed up.

Things to consider:

  • Internship opportunities: is there a specific program? Partnerships with specific companies?
  • Professors: Did one do a study or article on something of interest to you?
  • Traditions: is there a quirky or interesting tradition the school has?
  • Study Abroad: Yeah, yeah, they all have study abroad, but is there a particular program that matches perfectly with you?

Things to Stay Away From:

  • “I like your small class sizes, beautiful campus and prestigious education.” Barf.
  • “I can’t wait to play club sports.” (This is not a bad drop in if you have word space, but should not be a major motivating factor in attending a school.)
  • “I can’t wait to cheer on the (big state school mascot) at the (big state school stadium) during the (big state school sport they are known for being good at).” You and everyyyyyyone else. Again, maybe not a bad ending or quick drop-in, but should not be the major factor.

Take the time to show these schools you care and can really see yourself there!